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Mint Chip Ice Cream

Dairy-free & gluten-free homemade ice cream. You can use this base ice cream mix and add any of your favorite flavorings to it! Peanut butter & chocolate chips, vanilla bean and strawberries, cocoa powder for chocolate ice cream, or try out my favorite ice cream flavor, mint chip!


· 1 can full-fat coconut milk

· 1 can coconut cream

· 1 ½ cups vanilla almond milk

· 3 tsp organic peppermint extract

· 1 bar of 80% dark chocolate

· 3 TBS maple syrup, honey or agave


¼ cup cocoa powder if you want chocolate mint chip ice cream

2 TBS matcha powder if you want “green” mint chip ice cream


1. In a large mixing bowl combine the coconut milk, coconut cream, almond milk, maple syrup, and peppermint extract. Blend on medium speed for 1 minute. Make sure to break up any of the coconut cream chunks so the liquid is blended evenly.

2. Once the ice cream liquid is blended you can add in the cocoa powder or the matcha powder if you want your ice cream to be more chocolatey or more mint green color, or you can just leave the ice cream base white.

3. Then chop up your chocolate bar into small chunks and add into your ice cream liquid. If you prefer large chunks of chocolate chips in your ice cream then hold off on adding them into the ice cream liquid, we will add them in at the end to make sure they don’t get over blended!

4. If you have an ice cream maker you can use this base per your manufacturer’s instructions.

5. If you do not have an ice cream maker then there are a few different ways you can turn this base into actual ice cream. You can either freeze the base in a bread pan or in individual ice cube holders. If you use the bread pan then just make sure to cut slice thick slices of the frozen ice cream mixture once it has hardened.

6. Once the base is frozen you can blend the frozen ice cream cubes up all at once or just take as many as you want for individual servings. Remove the frozen ice cream cubes about 5-10 minutes before you plan to eat it. Place the desired amount of frozen ice cream cubes into a high-speed blender and blend on high till thick and creamy.

7. If you want large chunks of chocolate chips in your ice cream then this is when you would add them into your ice cream, after we’ve blended the frozen ice cream cubes.


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