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Fertility Support


The journey to pregnancy can be a very stressful and confusing time for many couples. At Heal 180 we work to help you learn to nourish your body for pregnancy, heal it from any issues that may be in the way of your fertility and empower you to gain control back of your body with the end goal of a healthy mom and baby. 

Option #1

Nutrition for Fertility Support

The Shared Journey Fertility Program

3 Month Fertility Support

  • Personalized Fertility Protocol for him & her

  • 3 months of working together

  • In person and/or virtual sessions

  • Lab testing to personalize plan, we always want to test and not guess

  • Daily tracking and weekly communication/support/troubleshooting

  • Educational sessions to help you better understand how to take control of your fertility and advocate for yourself


Gentle Preconception Preparation for successful healthy conception

  • 6-one hour long Mercier Therapy Sessions

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan & Supportive Supplements/Bio-identical hormone protocol (first round of supplements included with package)

  • One year of concurrent cycle monitoring and assistance with fertility

  • Unlimited follow up visits to review your journal

  • Should it come necessary to use medically assisted fertility options, we will serve as a liaison for you.

Our fertility program is 6 weeks in length and can be used as a stand alone regime or in preparation for a more medically assisted cycle such as IUI or IVF. We highly recommend that you prepare your body properly prior to starting any medically assisted fertility cycle to help insure a successful first cycle. Research from 2019 shows that 4 out of 5 IVF cycles do not end in a live birth. We want to increase those odds for you if you've decided to go down the medically assisted route.


As a stand alone cycle without medical assistance is what is most natural and primal for your body. You will be guided to monitor your own ovulatory cycle along with our help for up to one year after finishing your therapy with us.

The program is custom tailored to each individual woman's situation and will be discussed in further detail at a consultation.


Mercier Therapy is a deep pelvic organ visceral manipulation modality. When increasing mobility whether your shoulder joint or your uterus you're optimizing the true function of the area and helping to return blood flow which is therapeutic.

When choosing to start the SJFP you'll receive 6 full hours of MT broken down into 1 hour intervals per week for 6 weeks.

What We Offer

  • Natural fertility preparation and preconception planning

  • Fertility preparation for medically assisted fertility cycles IVF, IUI, etc.

  • Normalizing hormone and endocrine systems

  • Improving hormone and egg quality for better egg quantity and healthier follicles

  • Increasing uterine blood flow and lining for healthier implantation

  • Decreasing restrictions/pain from previous surgeries and/or trauma and adhesions

  • Decreasing miscarriage

  • Improving male factor infertility and sperm quality

  • A natural therapeutic modality that has been shown by research to have a 83% success rate when it comes to conceiving

What We Address

  • High FSH

  • PCOS

  • Endometriosis

  • Premature Ovarian Failure

  • Luteal Phase Defects

  • Autoimmune Infertility

  • Reoccurring Miscarriage

Option #2

Learn More About the Miracles Behind
Mercier Therapy

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