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Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

This mini chocolate cake is a one-serving size treat! It can be made in the oven or even microwaved in a coffee mug for a quick satisfying & healthy treat!


· 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder (I used chocolate ancient grains bone broth protein powder)

· 2 TBS of gf flour (almond flour, sorghum flour, oat flour or coconut flour-if using coconut only use 1 TBS)

· ½ tsp baking powder

· 1 egg white

· ¼ cup nut milk

· ½ TBS chia seeds

· Optional: 1 TBS peanut butter and 1 TBS mini dark chocolate chips


1. You can either make this mini cake in a one serving ramekin dish or in a coffee mug. You also can either bake this cake or pop it in the microwave if you don’t feel like waiting.

2. Grease the ramekin or coffee cup first with cooking spray and then mix the protein powder, flour, baking powder, egg, milk and chia seeds.

3. Bake at 350F for 15 minutes or microwave on high for 60 seconds-1.5 minutes. Then remove from heat and let cool for 3-5 minutes and drizzle peanut butter on top and sprinkle with the chocolate chips.

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